How to work from home with Cabinet Vision

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There are a few ways Cabinet Vision engineers can work from home.  One way, for example, is to use Team Viewer remote access software from home to connect to your computer at work. 

Another way to work from home is to install Cabinet Vision on a home computer. In this episode of A Cabinet Vision Minute, I'll walk you through a complete installation of Cabinet Vision on a home computer and I'll walk you through preparing for that installation.   

If you're preparing to work from home and you need a little guidance, this video will help you through the process.  If you've never installed Cabinet Vision before, watch the video a couple of times...just to familiarize yourself with the preparation and the actual installation.

The whole process of installing on a home computer will likely take you 45 minutes up to a couple of hours depending on the efficiency and speed of the home computer.  For brevity in the video, I've cut out the long periods of waiting.

You'll need four items to make this installation a success:

  •  A Windows based laptop or desktop computer. Cabinet Vision will not run on a Mac except through some wand waving. Windows 10 is ideal but really most any version of Window made in the 21st Century will work. And, it doesn't matter if your version of Windows isn't the same as your version at work. In this video, I'll be installing on two different PCs; a 10 year old Windows 10 desktop PC and an older Dell laptop.
  • You'll need the "Server Code" ...the 24 digit unique code given to you which unlocks the software and allows you to use Cabinet Vision on your computer.
  • You'll need a copy of the setup files of Cabinet Vision...preferably the same version of Cabinet Vision you use at work. If you use Cabinet Vision 11 at work, make sure that you have the setup files for Cabinet Vision 11 with the same build number.
  • And the forth thing you'll need is a copy of the database your employer gave you to install on your home computer.

Ensure that you have plenty of free space on your disk drive of the computer you'll be installing Cabinet Vision least 30 or 40 GB of free space.  Not that you'll need all that.  But you will need free space to operate your computer after the install is complete.

Important!  Disable your virus protection and/or security software before you start this installation.  There is a lot of activity reading and writing to your system's registry in this process and some virus protection and security software gets kind of squirmy when you get in it's backyard. Just to avoid conflicts with your virus protection software, it'd be a good idea to suspend it for a few hours. 

Another Important!  Check to see if your system has any pending Windows updates and complete those updates - if any - before starting to install Cabinet Vision.  I've seen many installs go sideways because this important step was overlooked.  

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