If you are a...

Designer, Architect, or General Contractor

Craftsman Woodworks Engineering Services typically works directly with cabinet manufacturers on commercial projects.  From time to time, however, we'll consult with architects or designers on projects with challenging or artistic assemblies which might require some engineering which might be a little out of your wheel house.  

We're all about that. We've been designing and engineering fixtures and furnishings for decades.  If your project is anything from a trade show display booth or custom designed upholstered furnishings & fixtures or high-end lobbies with architectural sculpture elements, we've got chops for that sort of thing.    

Commercial Casework, Cabinetry, and Millwork Manufacturer

We have decades of experience engineering and drawing casework shop drawings. We provide professional architectural casework shop submittals to commercial architectural millwork and casegoods manufacturers. Our submittals are engineered for precision and accuracy as prescribed by Architectural Woodwork Institutes standards.

Our casework drawings are bound to impress your clients and improve your company’s bottom-line. Because of our attention to detail and adherence to AWI standards, there are fewer revisions in the redline and approval process resulting in a shorter submittal process timeline.   

The engineering tool of choice at CWES is Cabinet Vision.  By using Cabinet Vision, we're able to integrate your unique and existing construction methods and hardware requirements directly into the shop submittals which further shortens the submittal process window and increases the accuracy of the shop drawings.       

Residential Production or Custom Cabinet Manufacturer

Whether your custom cabinet shop is a large automated facility or a small one-person operation, we can help ease your burden.  Send us a message and let's talk about your challenges.  We have years of custom cabinet engineering experience.  Consequently, we understand your particular circumstances can be challenging.  Contact us today. We can help you take your business to the next level.