Cabinet Vision Resources

It seems there isn't a single repository for helpful resources for Cabinet Vision.  Although Hexagon has a pretty good library of online videos, UCS's, catalogs and libraries found in the eSupport section of the Hexagon website, most of their resources are for subscribers only.  Consequently, non-subscribers are left to wade through YouTube and various other websites scattered around the internet.


We have cataloged over 100 videos that are publicly available on YouTube and Vimeo.  We're organizing and tagging videos with relevant Cabinet Vision topics and arranging them by author and Cabinet Vision version.  Our goal with all of this is to help the Cabinet Vision user community by aggregating these publicly shared resources in one place.  Check back here from time to time and you'll get access to the videos and other forthcoming valuable Cabinet Vision resources. 

Our blog

Have a look at the Craftsman Engineering blog.  Most of the content on the blog is original stuff by Craftsman Engineering.  And, from time to time, we might repost something we find interesting and we hope you'll find it interesting and useful as well.  And if you don't subscribe to our blog, you'll likely be plagued with all sorts of Cabinet Vision problems...we're just sayin'!   

Online resources  

There are a few websites out there that I want to draw your attention to:  

Solid Setup is at the top of my list when it comes to finding resources like hardware and materials that a lot of us use but can't find it on the eSupport.  It's an online store-type website and it's packed full of good stuff.  I recommend Solid Setup to my clients.

There's another Cabinet Vision store that is gaining a lot of traction, in my opinion.  It's the CV App Store.  There's another website out there with a similar name that has nothing to do with Cabinet Vision so if you land on that page, come back here for the real-deal link.  The link I shared is a good one as of this writing.  I believe the CV App Store is hosted by Joinery IT Limited in New Zealand.  I believe they are the Cabinet Vision partners/resellers in NZ.  


Cabinet Vision training is a huge part of what we do here at Craftsman Engineering.  There are other training resources out there Hexagon. But before I give you any links to their training, I want to squeeze in a few words about what make our training different...not better...just different.