About Craftsman Woodworks Engineering Services

I'm Bruce Chezem, founder of Craftsman Woodworks Engineering Services in 2018. Originally, the vision was to help train Cabinet Vision users through really well done video tutorials, but the site now covers basic and intermediate Cabinet Vision skills, consulting for complex Cabinet Vision installations, and drawing services, too.

Bruce Chezem, Craftsman Woodworks Engineering Services

 That voice you hear in the A Cabinet Vision Minute videos is me. I build the curriculum and record each A Cabinet Vision Minute video on Craftsman Engineering, which gives me the unique ability to create very efficient, seamless video tutorial collections that cover some rather complicated material in an approachable way. 

I've been heavily involved in cabinets, software engineering and software for cabinets for....I'll just say "many years" and I love what Cabinet Vision has to offer. Once someone learns some basic Cabinet Vision skills and concepts, they will quickly become valuable assets to the design team in your shop. That means that as they learn more, they become more and more valuable as designers, engineers, detailers and drafters.  But, the going can be rough without the right learning resources. My goal with Craftsman Engineering has been to become a place where people can learn nearly any aspect of working with Cabinet Vision in the most efficient and enjoyable way possible.

I hope that you genuinely enjoy your time here, as many who have come before you have. If you promise to try enjoy the journey, we'll keep working to make Craftsman Engineering even better. Good luck with the learning!

With career overlaps in information technology and cabinet manufacturing, I’m comfortable managing cabinet projects from inception to delivery.  I have deep roots in woodworking, cabinet manufacturing and database software application development and business.  What that means to you is that you can expect attention to detail and process in our work.  

I’m an easy mannered, team spirited, and results driven cabinet software engineer.   I’ve blended my extensive background in business with my years of software engineering and software development to bring about a unique mix of creative talents and technical skills which I bring to every project.   I am recognized for applying a keen balance between the technical side and creative sides of projects.   I believe in making open and positive communication through casual, non-competitive conversation.   Although I'm fluent in geek-speak, I prefer to listen first and mirror the language of my customers and clients.  My clients always come first.  I think my real job title should be "Client Burden Easer"  ( is "Easer" a word? )

The success of any business relationship is based on healthy and open communication….transparency isn’t just a buzz word, it’s a best practice with me.  I prefer not to try to baffle or impress my clients with a confusing array of acronyms and technical double talk.   Instead, I like to build lasting and friendly relationships with folks.   Those relationships last because I do what I say I will do….  simple and powerful.  

-- Bruce Chezem