Our processes

Shop Drawing Submittals

Our process for delivering shop drawing submittals goes like this:

  1. You send us the drawings and the scope of work for your project.
  2. We'll send you an estimated price for the project and we'll include estimated time, if possible, based on what we understand from you about the project. 
  3. You approve our proposal and send down payment
  4. We'll draw the project
  5. We'll send you a PDF set for your review
  6. You make your corrections and redlines and send back to CWES
  7. We'll make corrections and send you back a revised set. 
  8. Final payment is made and the final PDF file and CVJ file* ( Cabinet Vision Job file ) is sent to you

Additional drawings, change orders and architect revisions are billed at an hourly rate.

* If you are a Cabinet Vision user, some setup is required for the exchange of CVJ files.  Contact us and we'll explain more about exchanging CVJ files.  

Training Process

We offer personalized Cabinet Vision training in your shop or online, at your pace, and at your level of expertise.  Our approach is focused on improving your Cabinet Vision knowledge and skills in a practical way.  Regardless of your familiarity with Cabinet Vision, we'll help you build your confidence and take your game to the next level.

The curriculum for your training is designed around your skills and requirements.  Individualized classes are usually one-on-one either in your shop or online and at your own pace.  

You can buy 4 hour blocks of training time and use the time at your pace.

Customized Reports and UCS's  

If you require specialized reports from Cabinet Vision, call us and let's talk about your requirements. 

Perhaps you have a special case that may require creating a User Created Standard.  We can help with your UCS needs as well.