Changing Thickness of Materials

In this A Cabinet Vision Minute, I explain how to use the Material Manager to change the thickness of Panel Stock.  

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Submitted byDavid Henry Bowman (not verified) on Thu, 03/04/2021 - 10:49

Do you offer online CV traing via team viewer?
I'm new to using CV and so far have only used it for cabinets. Waht I am interested in is experimenting with it for interior passage doors.
I'm guessing it would not be too difficult to convert a box into a door jamb by removing the back, turining the material into solid wood and adding a rabbit joint where the top joins the sides fo rthe head. As far as the doors goes I'm guessing I can make it 1.75" thick in the materials editor. I have not forund a 4" x 4" barrel hinge option and did not know if it is easy to create one of down load one already made.

If you think this is all possible and can do the training online pleas call me at 619-510-1577

Thanks, david

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