Reports and Bowler Hats

Reports and Bowler Hats

I really dread picking out just the right report in Cabinet Vision.  For those of you who have been using Cabinet Vision for more than 3 days, you know exactly what I'm talking about even before I write this.  You have 10 reports with the same name and you can't figure out which one is the one you prefer.  

Alright, alright!  I'll slow down a bit.

So you're about to send a job out to the floor and Sam comes in the office and asks you for a report. ( I'll pick on the "Panel Stock Cut List" reports for the sake of this story.)  So you go into "Setup Reports" and scroll down to the group of Panel Stock Cut List reports.  Lo and behold! There are no less than 13 Panel Stock Cut List reports.  To make a fair evaluation and provide some due diligence on selecting just the right report, you make a temporary Report Group called "AAA".  And then you add all 13 reports to your Panel Stock Reports group.

Now that all 13 reports are grouped together in their own Report Group, you set about to select each one and compare the content of each of the 13 reports.  That whole review process is pretty painless and takes only seconds to run.  Wow! So far, so great!  Right?

Bowler hats

I'm thinkin' that this report right here will be perfect for Sam.  Let me see here, it's about the 9th one down in the list...or is it the 10th one.  Here's where I get all grumbly and fidgety.  And I start asking myself, are these sorted the same way they are in Setup Reports?  

Ultimately, I'll spend another 10 minutes trying to figure out which report is which in my AAA Report Group.

Now, I have 3 points to make about all this.  

The first point is this; Cabinet Vision ( Hexagon, Vero, Planit etc. ) could have done a better job displaying a unique and descriptive name for all 246 reports in the Report Center.  

The second point is that you can edit the names of each report by right-clicking on the report and select "Properties".  You can edit the name and description like I have done below...


That may seem like a lot of work and I can attest to that.  Personally, I've embellished the names of a lot of reports using this same technique.

The third point I want to make is that I have taken on my own Sisyphus-like task of making sample reports of all 246 reports and a screen shot of every report.  I'm posting these screen shots and sample reports on the Craftsman Engineering website.  While I don't have all 246 reports added to the website, the list grows every day.  

And while you're there on the website, have a look around.  Craftsman Engineering provides personalized training, consulting and drawing services.  We have hundreds of videos, articles and other resources.  Our mission is to "up your Cabinet Vision game". 

Oh, by the way....did you see what I did there with the image of the scene from the Thomas Crown Affair correlating to reports?


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