What's your CVQ? ( Cabinet Vision Quotient )

Learn Cabinet Vision

Here’s a quiz to determine your “Cabinet Vision Quotient”.  My intent is to test a cabinet design engineer’s knowledge of the most widely accepted cabinet manufacturing software, Cabinet Vision. However, scoring high doesn’t mean you’re the next shining star engineer, and scoring low doesn’t mean you can't tell the difference between a straight line and a circle. Some answers are debatable, so there will be many comments. Where do you fit?

1. You're the newest cabinet design engineer at a large commercial cabinet manufacturer.  The lead engineer has just assigned a new project to you and has promised that it must go into production in two months. Your thoughts are: 

a. I don't know how I got this job because everything I know about Cabinet Vision, I learned by trial and error.  I'm going to fail on my first project.  
b. I can handle this if I can just figure out how to get Cabinet Vision to get out of "face frame mode".  I'll just tell my boss that I thought he meant "face frame project". 
c. OK, OK...DON'T PANIC.... This is exactly like Cabnetware, I hope...  I hope...   I hope...
d. No worries...  I'll just hand write notes onto the drawings.  
e. All the other engineers seem so smart.  I'm not going to ask any questions...just keep my head down...and look busy.  

2. When you’re hiring cabinet design engineers, you should always hire engineers with an advanced degree in Cabinet Vision.

a. True
b. False

3. The Material Manager in Cabinet Vision is:

a. A guy named Ed in our Purchasing Department
b. I'm pretty sure that's our inventory system
c. Wow!  That is a really good question.
d. I need to get these jobs out.  I don't have time to know what that is. I am so behind.   
e. I always confuse that with that other "Materials" tab.  

4. The S2M Center is:

a. where the TV's and alarm clocks are across the isle from Sporting Goods at Walmart
b. LOL, I'm gonna be AFK for 10 minutes.  
c. The last tab on the right on a lot of those screens...that's all I got.
d. My last boss told me to "never go there".
e. The CNC guy is always complaining about that...whatever that is.

OK, OK... enough with the CVQ test thing.  There is no CVQ test but I'll bet a Benjamin to every Cabinet Vision engineer reading this that you've had similar thoughts when you were new to Cabinet Vision.  And some of those answers may still be floating around as the elephant in the engineering department.

Here's the thing; we've all been the ( NE ) New Engineer in the engineering or design department with little or no Cabinet Vision experience or worse yet, you may have come from a shop with poor Cabinet Vision training.  As an engineer who has been there and as a student of the human condition, I can relate to all those questions and answers.  I'm an independent Cabinet Vision trainer and I hear questions like this every day and hundreds of other questions about how to use some feature of Cabinet Vision. 

At Craftsman Woodworks Engineering Services, I've made it my mission to write the book on practical Cabinet Vision training.  Because I'm independent and separate from Hexagon and Planit Canada and Planit Cutting Edge Solutions, my teaching methods and curriculum center around your business.  While Hexagon and the Planits are great at training how to use the features of Cabinet Vision, I complement their process with my process that revolves around practical Cabinet Vision training to suit your purposes in your cabinet manufacturing environment. 

If you'd like to learn more about how to up your Cabinet Vision game, find me on the web at Craftsman Woodworks Engeering Service.  I'd like to learn more about your business and I'd like to learn how you would like to use Cabinet Vision to become more productive.  My online personalized training sessions might be exactly what you need.  

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