Materials Schedules

Assign Material Schedules to Multiple Doors | CABINET VISION 2021

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When you open the Door Catalog in CABINET VISION, you will see it has been redesigned, similarly to the Material Manager. From the Utilities Tab you can select to Assign Materials. In the new dialog box that pops up you can see the material schedules to the left, and the Door Catalog options in the drop down menu, and here you can Expand the door styles from the Catalog even further. To assign schedules, you select them from the menu on the left; and when you’ve made all the selections, you then select the door styles you want to apply them too.

Linking Similar Panel Stock Materials

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In this A Cabinet Vision Minute episode, I walk through the process of linking together panel stock of the same "class" of materials... also known as Aliases. In other words, I'll show you how to get Cabinet Vision to automatically select the right panel stock size for parts too big to fit on standard size sheet goods. 

Did you see what I did up there?   Also known as Aliases.   I'm tellin' you, that's some clever writing right there!