Assign Finger Pulls to Door Edges | CABINET VISION 2021

Firstly, you need to have a Finger Pull “material” or “profile”, set up in the Material Manager. This can be created in the same manner as a new handle has ALWAYS been created in CABINET VISION, but the available options will be more relevant to Finger Pull handles specifically.


Then, to use the pull in a job, it must be assigned via a Material Schedule, so we need to create a new Pull Schedule as well. And finally, a Door Style needs to be set up with edging that has been modified to suit the use of a finger pull. So you need to remove the top edge of the door and instead assign a finger pull to that edge. Now to bring it all together in a job, you need to select the Handle Schedule on the hardware tab, then the DOOR from the door tab. Additionally, you have the flexibility to change the door edges on a cabinet within a job, for any custom designs.

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