Cabinet Vision AMA 4 (Reports Part 3 of 3) -- 1-13-23

In this video I share some of my most commonly used Combit functions along with brief explanations of why I use them or why you might care to.

Thanks to one of the attendees asking questions during the stream we ended up working through a somewhat interesting and fun exercise extracting information about a material's thickness (0750) from a string, converting it to a fraction with 1/16" precision, and replacing the original abbreviated material name with one a little easier to understand if you aren't in our industry.

Link to the supporting PDF document mentioned in the introduction: Please feel free to share this document as you see fit, my only request is that you don't edit/remove my information in case someone has questions and would like to reach me.

  • 00:00 Introduction/General Info
  • 02:01 Why Share These Functions?
  • 03:10 If() Function
  • 07:00 ToString$() Function
  • 10:00 You Cannot Add 9 + "Cats" (Argument Errors)
  • 12:00 Val() Function
  • 14:40 Len() and Left$() Functions
  • 17:55 Removing "4x10" from "White Melamine 4x10"
  • 20:00 Rtrim$() Function
  • 27:00 Contains() and StartsWith() Functions
  • 30:00 StrSubst$() Function
  • 32:00 Extracting and converting the string 0750 to the value 0.75
  • 43:40 ToFrac$() Function
  • 47:50 Extracting 0745 from a string and converting it to the (rounded) fraction 3/4
  • 56:17 We found the solution!
  • 1:00:00 Final thoughts, rambling to the end

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