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Kits are an incredibly useful materials management tool within Cabinet Vision.  In this video, Bruce explains how to set up kits, how to manage kits and how to get useful information from reports regarding the kits you set up.

It's so easy to overlook the little things.  For example, connectors, nails, staples, screws, glue, touch up kits...  can and do get overlooked in purchasing, production, shipping and installation.   To help overcome this problem, Cabinet Vision, has built in functionality to make "kits" out of groups of materials that should otherwise be grouped together for complete and proper application of a part.

Let's have a look at a Blum hinge for example.  We all know that a Blum hinge requires 1) the hinge itself and 2) a hinge baseplate to attach to the cabinet and 3) the hinge and baseplate may require some additional bits and pieces such as specific screws or a soft-close attachment.   Drawer guides....same story, it has or could have a lot of extra bits and pieces that should be purchased for and included with the installation of those drawer guides.

But the materials schedules don't allow for the "extra bits" in an elegant way.  Consequently, they get overlooked at some point or worse, the wrong bits are gathered up and installed improperly.

To help correct these potentially costly mistakes and time wasters, Cabinet Vision has created "Kits".  By making kits for hinges and drawer guides etc, you can be sure to include the right parts and bits with every "parent" part....  this hinge gets this base plate and these screws and that drawer guide gets a handful of those screws. 

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