CV Minute Update for April 29, 2024

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This is the first A Cabinet Vision Minute Update....kinda like A Cabinet Vision Minute vlog.   This is published on April 29, 2024.

These "vlog class" of videos are designed, hopefully, to fill the time gap between releases A Cabinet Vision Minute videos.  Currently, for example, I'm working on a 6 part series of videos on the Door Manager.  I've completed two of them and the 3 in the series about buyout doors is in progress and very nearly complete.  

So, here's what's on my plate today...

  • There's the A Cabinet Vision Minute Door Manager Series that I just mentioned
  • As I was working on the Buyout Door episode, I decided I needed a working buyout door catalog.  So, I set about to make one that is modeled after Caldoor's catalog.  The Caldoor catalog I made features Caldoor's profiles, door styles, available species and even Caldoor pricing which was published in one of their recent catalogs.  The pricing aspect of this is especially cool because it dovetails so nicely with the Cost-Plus Bid Center.  But the coolest part of my Caldoor catalog is the Caldoor order form report I made which makes ordering doors from Caldoor as easy as picking the report in the Report Center.  
  • Hexagon's Software Maintenance Agreement - Like you, I have a real problem with this "SMA" thing.  As I type this, I'm trying not to get myself all worked up about it.  In a nutshell, there is no Software Maintenance Agreement.  Where I live here in California, home of the world famous Silicon Valley, software companies know how to write a Software Maintenance Agreement....a real, legal document....a legal contract.  The kind that says, in exchange for X, we'll give you Y...with all the details spelled out in tiny legal-ese.   Since I purchased Cabinet Vision way back when, I have never signed or even seen any kind of Software Maintenance Agreement.  But I keep sending them a pile of money every year.  But for what?  
  • OK....I gotta calm down now.  I've also been working on NOTE Reports.  NOTE is an acronym for Nice On The Eyes.  NOTE Reports are common Cabinet Vision reports out-of-the-box that I've redesigned and reformatted and renamed so that 1) they are easy to read with an nice san serif fonts 2) they are in Landscape format with consistent labeling of the report names, print dates, customer information etc.  and 3) they are named so that its easy to distinguish one report from another.
  • The Cost-Plus Bid Center is an "evergreen" work-in-progress with version 3 being the most current release.  I do get a lot of questions about The Cost-Plus Bid Center.  So, I just want to reiterate that there is a lot of information about the Cost-Plus Bid Center on the Craftsman Engineering website.  And it is available for purchase and download on the Craftsman Engineering store.
  • If you are an Allmoxy user along with Cabinet Vision, I'd love to talk with you about estimating your jobs that originate with Allmoxy and subsequently sent to Cabinet Vision.  The Cost-Plus Bid Center can play a huge roll in your ability to produce fast and accurate estimates.  I'm working on getting the ear of Allmoxy so I can present this opportunity to them.  
  • Every day....well every Monday through Thursday, I'm meeting with two training clients each day.  One in the morning for two hours and then another client in the late morning for 2 more hours.  My training calendar is quite full right now but there always seems to be room for more.  Currently, I'm booking training about 2 weeks out.  If you have specific problems with jobs in Cabinet Vision that you are working through or maybe you'd just like to have a little fresh eyes on a process in your shop, give me a holler and I'll tell you all about my unique approach to training for your shop. 
  • And finally, I'm adding new content to the my Patreon page.  Most of the content I'm adding to the Patreon page is exclusive to the page but it's all aimed at making you more productive in your business with Cabinet Vision.


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