Cabinet Vision AMA 7 (General UCS Information) -- 2-24-23

I do not have time to establish chapters at the moment, and this video is VERY long and rambly, but I will get around to it eventually. For now, I have outlined some of the items we discussed below:

  • -Useful help file topics to favorite for quick access
  • -Things you should NOT do while doing the "UCS Learning" exercises in the help files
  • -What the "For Each" line is and how you should use it
  • -Brief mention of the "9 basic parameters" and why they're important to understand before starting to write UCS
  • -How to reference built-in functions by utilizing the System Parameters topic of the help file
  • -How to build a safe "test" environment so you do not accidentally rename every single part in a job "Beech" like I once did

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