Cabinet Vision AMA 6 (Dimension Styles, Shop Drawings Tips/Tricks) -- 2-10-23

This video picks up where we left off last time, focusing on how to manage the different aspects of a drawing set and staying organized throughout the process from within Cabinet Vision.

Additionally, we will respond to a question from the last video about different dimension styles and how they can be setup to produce consistently sized fonts between scenes presented at different scales. Specifically I show how to setup two scenes, one at 1-1/2"=1'-0" and one at 1"=1'-0" scale to have identically sized fonts, a feature Cabinet Vision does not handle very well.

Most of what I share in this video comes from personal experience working with an AWI QCP certified Architectural Millwork shop, producing drawings for large scale millwork and casework projects several years back.

Last but not least, I'd like to thank not only the entire community, but also specifically Nathan Beaudry from Beaudry's Custom Woodworking out of Newberg, Oregon. He has been a constant supporter of mine and out of the goodness of his heart has (un?) intentionally sponsored me and this series by gifting me a much needed microphone that has really improved the quality of what I am able to produce. I recommend checking him out and what he's doing; I believe he is currently transitioning his shop into quite the automated workcell equipped with automated panel processing, loading/unloading, etc. Very exciting!

Beaudry's Custom Woodworking -

  • 00:00 Start
  • 02:00 Dimension Styles and Layer Schedules
  • 03:30 Font Height Values
  • 08:50 Plan Ahead
  • 10:20 Establishing System Parameters
  • 15:20 Renaming Cabinets to Rename Scenes
  • 16:56 My UCS to Rename Cabinets
  • 20:00 My Title Block Strategy
  • 26:07 Markup Model Space, Not Scenes
  • 28:00 Workflow From Scratch
  • 29:20 Adjust Your Section Position
  • 32:10 Using Your Project/Room Specs Symbol
  • 33:50 Live Drawing to Static Drawing Note Link Trick
  • 38:40 Adding Scenes, Using the Grid
  • 48:25 Setting Default Font Heights Per View (NOT Dimension Styles)
  • 52:00 2 Minute Break
  • 53:55 Questions
  • 68:10 Thank You to Beaudry's Custom Woodworking

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