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Create Keyboard Shortcuts for the Ribbon Bar options | CABINET VISION 2021

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This works much the same as way as generic keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+P for print, or CTRL+C for copy. When you are in the Customise Ribbon Bar screen, you can select another option to “customise” Keyboard Shortcuts. To find the command you are after, you can filter through the categories and then see each available command to the right. Once you find the command you want to create a shortcut for, you can highlight it in the list, then click in the field below, and then PRESS the new shortcut key on your keyboard.

CUSTOMISE the Ribbon Bar and Quick Access Toolbar | CABINET VISION 2021

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The buttons and commands on the Quick Access Toolbar, and Ribbon Bar, can now be set up the way you like them to be. If you right click in a blank space on the bar, you can select from the options to “customise”. When the customise option is open, you can choose either the quick access toolbar or ribbon bar to modify. You can select a command from some pre-set groups and if you want to add it to the toolbar, you simply select the ADD button to move it over to the right. You can now see the command is added to the Quick Access Toolbar.