Batching Jobs in Cabinet Vision

Episode 20 of A Cabinet Vision Minute explains how to combine multiple jobs together into batches. Batching jobs together can give you the benefit of better optimization of materials in the S2M Center. And batching jobs together can give you other "quantities of scale" benefits.

If you know at the start of a job or a series of jobs that these jobs may be combined into batches of jobs, it might save you some confusion in the batching process, if you assign cabinet numbers in groups. What I mean by that is to avoid duplication of cabinet numbers, you might want to assign cabinet number 1-99 to Job A of the batch, and cabinet numbers 101 -199 to Job B of the batch.

One thing I didn't cover in the video is file names of batched jobs. Cabinet Vision does not provide functionality to save batched files. Consequently, if you need to "re-run" a batch of jobs, you have to rebuild the batch just as if you are building the batch for the first time.

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