Use CAD Shaping on Door Parts | CABINET VISION 2021

In this example we will show you how to use this feature to create a shark-nose edged door.

In the Door Manager you can select the Door you want to apply CAD to then select SECTION. You select to “section” the door, then you can right click on the door and select Edit. This will open up the same screen that is used for the CAM editor feature within CABINET VISION, that some of you may be familiar with. Here you use the CAD features to create your shape, or in this case, the line where we want the Shark Nose finger pull to run. You can then setup equations for the CAD, so it adjusts with the door size, and then also apply a Tool. If you return out of the CAD editing screen, and view the door in 3D you will see the new shape and you can also see it in a job.

This new feature adds heaps of flexibility with Door cutting and profiles so we're sure it will be well used.

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